Ideas for Your Toronto Balcony


One of the most popular trends of the new millennium is on towards outdoor living. What this means is that more and more people are seeking to use their land as well as their houses as living spaces, moving living areas out onto decks and patios and even lawns. By doing his, people can enjoy nice weather outdoors and still have the comforts they expect inside.

Contrary to popular opinion outside of our borders, Canadians are certainly not exempt from the draw of outside living. In fact, one might say that we appreciate really great weather even more than our neighbours to the south, since we know what BAD weather is really like. So it’s not surprising that all across Canada people are creating their own outdoor living rooms, from the rural areas right to the big cities such as Toronto.

Of course, when you are talking about the majority of Toronto residents in the downtown area particularly, outdoor living spaces are going to be centered around the balconies of apartment and condominium complexes. In this article, we are going to take a look at some ideas to incorporate into your outdoor living on your Toronto balcony.

Start with your furniture. The best place to begin when it comes to setting up a living area outdoors is with your furniture choices. Most balconies are covered, so you won’t have to worry about the effects of rain, but wind can still do some weathering on susceptible furniture. Take a look at pieces made form hardy materials, but which are still comfortable to sit or lie down on. You might want to include a couple of different pieces for sitting or lying down on; chairs, hammocks, even swings are all great options. And don’t forget a nice table, of a size that can suit your snacking or even outdoor dinner ideas! Decorative touches. Once you have your furniture picked out, you can start thinking about those little touches that will give your balcony a flavour that is uniquely you. Your touches should include decor that flows well with your furniture choices.

Plants and flowers. Including plants and flower will add to the atmosphere, complementing the outdoor location of your home outside of home. Plastic arrangements are wonderful when done properly, and of course don’t require the labour needed for the real thing.

So don’t let living in Canada, or living in a high-rise building, stop you from creating your own room outdoors. Outdoor living spaces are easy, trendy, and they convey a true sense of freedom.

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Quick ways to stop cold air drafts in old windows

drafty windows
The Match Test for Drafty Windows

Cold winter winds can sneak into your home around old windows, making your house feel chilly and drafty. If you have ever walked past a window and started to shiver, chances are your old windows are letting some of winter’s icy chill in. If new windows aren’t in your financial future, there are a few things you can do to warm the house up.

Check Window Tops

Those old fashioned window frames sometimes have a tendency to slide down. Check in the middle where the top and bottom meet. Has the top section slid down? If it has, you will have cold air pouring in the top. If pushing it back up into place doesn’t work, you will need to block the opening.

This is where you can get creative. Cram an old towel or strips of an old blanket into the open area. Use a butter knife to push and poke it into place. It may not look fashionable, but it will keep you warm until you can fix it. Besides, once the curtains are hung back up you won’t even notice it, and it is winter so chances are the outsides are frosted over so your neighbors won’t see it either!

Check around the Casings

Run your hand all around the outer edges of the window sills and any trim or molding around it. Even the tiniest amount of air can cause the furnace to run more and leave a chill in your home. You can always run out and buy some of that plastic window covering stuff or you can fix it the creative way.

They say that duct tape fixes everything and it will sure work here too. You can run a strip of duct tape, or masking tape if you prefer, all around the window edges to block any cold air. If the gaps are big, stuff some paper towels into it and then tape over it.

Change to Heavier Curtains

Sure light and airy lace curtains are pretty and allow you to look out into the pretty winter wonderland. They also allow even the slightest bit of air to leak into your house so it becomes a winter wonderland inside too. Find some heavy insulated curtains that you can live with for a few months and hang them at the window instead.

New insulated curtains are expensive, so check around at thrift stores or see if a friend has some they aren’t using. If you don’t think the curtains are heavy enough, tack or tape a small fleece blanket across the top of the window and then hang the curtains up.

Just tacking the blanket across the top will allow you to pull it back to see out if necessary, yet it will lie down against the window and block some of the chill. Again, you won’t see it behind the curtains. You can also use a clear shower curtain hung behind your curtains to ward off the chill.

These may not be the fanciest fixes for a drafty window, but they are quick and inexpensive. If you are sitting in a draft and need to do something fast, these tricks will help to keep you and your family warm and it may save a bit on the heating bill.

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